Melty Crayons

This project started off as an attempt to do melted crayon wax suncatchers
like these:

We have about a bajillion broken crayons because C likes to break them instead of draw with them
I have a small rotary grater that I thought would work for making crayon shavings
turns out, not so much.
So I decided to try melty crayon drawing
like these:
There are some tutorials that suggest using a warming tray so the paper is constantly warm but I don't have a warming tray so I did what The Artful Parent did and put the paper in the oven for a few minutes.
It worked beautifully
C drew a heart for me and a heart for A
C quickly grew bored with drawing so I decided to try melted crayon painting
like this:
I would definitely do somethings differently when we do this again
like use muffin cups, keep the muffin tin in a hot water bath and not use paint brushes but maybe qtips or cotton balls...

I can tell C that mixing blue and yellow makes green until I'm blue in the face but she never really understands until she sees it herself. 
She was so proud and surprised when she made green

I was thrilled by the way the wax cooled and built layers upon layers
It reminds me of oil painting
I'm still debating trying watercolor resists on some of the paintings
it's a hard decision because I love them the way they are but watercolors might add an awesome pop.
Maybe next time...

Art Outdoors

I love doing art outdoors.
Especially when the weather is gorgeous!
Great inspiration.
Fresh air.
No messes to clean up.
Need I say more?
This weekend I just grabbed a pad of paper and some random paint and brought it all outside for an impromptu art session. 
I wasn't expecting much, just some fun experimentation. 
And that's exactly what I got!
I ended up smacking the stick on the paper and got pretty neat results.
Who says Mommas can't have fun too?

What kind of art do you like doing outdoors?

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Window

Cooped up inside with two small kids on a rainy day?! 

Desperate for ideas?!?

Try this tissue paper stained glass window! Inspired by this post at Filth Wizardry. This is perfect busy work with beautiful results. Use water soluble glue and it's easily taken down when you are ready to start all over again! Allows for light to come in while offering privacy at the same time.
I have decided that we will be repeating this project on all of the windows in my house (there are 10). Some we will do only the top sash others we will do the entire window. I can't wait to post them as we make them!

1.  Start with any boring old window
(this is my kitchen window)
I recommend cleaning the glass first

2.  Enlist the help of two (or more) small children to paste tissue paper squares on the window
(we used a mixture of water and Mod Podge to paste)

3.  Stop for nourishment and rest when needed

4.  Continue pasting until you have covered the area of your choice
(good luck stopping!)

5. Enjoy your beautiful results!
(ironically enough I wrote "hurry spring" and then it snowed)

Please, if you decide to do this project post your results! I would LOVE to see them!!!