Heart Wands

While stocking up on Valentine's Day supplies, 
the girls asked if I would buy them wands.

I promised that I would make them heart wands.

I bought one sheet of self adhesive glitter foam
and one long dowel (that I cut in half).

These wands are REALLY easy!

I traced a heart cookie cutter on the back of the foam, four times.
 Then, cut the hearts out.
Thank you Miss C for the picture! 
She's been practicing being a blogger 
Peel off the backing of the foam sheet,
 stick the dowel in the center,
then stick another heart on top.
 The girls would have been happy if I stopped there,
but I wanted to personalize the wands a bit more.

I glued ribbon along the edge of the heart
 and raided my ribbon box
to add some pizazz.
 Now I have two very happy little girls!
These wands would be perfect for surprising your little sweetheart on Valentine's Day!



  1. I love these! I've shared them on Facebook.

  2. Ohh even my little boys would love these! I think I'll make them some for Valentine's Day. Thank you for the idea!

    1. So glad you like them! I bet your little guys will love having wands :) the most awesome part about making your own wands is that they are really easy to customize!


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