Firefly Valentine

These cute valentine cards are made with fingerprints!
Guess what else?
They glow!

First, make as many fingerprints on the card as desired.
(I just cut sheets of 90lb paper into cards)
Leave enough space around the fireflies for wings!

Use glue to make wing shapes then sprinkle them with glow in the dark glitter.
I found this glow in the dark glitter at Michaels,
you can also find glow in the dark glitter on Amazon.

For the little glowing tushies we used glow in the dark fabric paint
(also from Michaels)

Once the cards are dry add little details
faces, antennae, etc.

Add a message and light up someone's day by giving them a card that glows!

Don't forget to write a little note on the back letting the recipient know to hold the card in the light for a few seconds then take it into the dark for a surprise!

Looking for more Valentine's Card ideas?


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