Heart Valentine

These simple heart valentines were made using a paint resist technique
(earlier this week we shared another type of paint resist)

To make these cards
(for the cards I just cut up sheets of 90lb paper)
we used foam heart stickers and watered down tempera paint

Stick the foam stickers on the card
(pressing lightly so that they are easy to remove)
 using a spray bottle filled with watered down tempera paint
spray paint over the hearts

Once the paint is dry, remove the stickers

 You can leave the cards like this or you can embellish them.
The girls used glitter glue to add a little Valentine's Day sparkle.

When the glitter glue was dry,
we chose our favorite conversation heart messages
and I wrote them in the blank hearts.

Write your favorite message to give to your favorite Valentine!

Looking for more Valentine's Day card ideas?


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