Sticker Valentine

These valentine cards are so easy,
I mean, 
REALLY easy!

For these cards, the girls made their own stickers out of contact paper.

All that's needed is contact paper, permanent markers,
and blank cards
(for cards, I just cut up sheets of 90lb paper)

Tape the corners of the contact paper down
and draw images on it with the permanent marker.
I traced a few heart shapes for Little A to color in,
but left the majority of the contact paper blank for her

Cut out the stickers and attach them to the cards with a small dab of glue.
Make sure to leave the backing of the contact paper ON!

These would be so simple to make in bulk!

A cute Valentine's Day message
and a special sticker
all in one!

Looking for more Valentine's Day card ideas?

Save this idea for later!

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