Hello and welcome 
Dilly-Dali Art! 

My name is Aleacia
I love art, coffee, and reading juicy celebrity gossip.

Once upon a time I was a new mom who was searching the internet for fun activities to do with my baby.
I found a ton of awesome blogs and felt inspired to start my own.
Dilly-Dali Art was born in February 2011.

I stay home with my three children,
we spend our time homeschooling, creating, and playing!
I feel so incredibly blessed that they enjoy art and creating as much as I do.

Miss C ~ 6
I've described Miss C before as a diva.
She is an independent girl that will make it known if she likes or doesn't like something.
When she isn't singing and dancing, she's painting and drawing.
She loves being in her own little world painting what is in her head.

Little A ~ 4
Little A is into everything, she leaves no stone unturned.
Her favorite thing to do is make a mess, with anything.
She'll build towers just to knock them down,
completely empty the toy box for one toy,
paint everywhere except on her paper.

Baby B ~ 9 Months
It's all about sensory play with Baby B.
His favorite things to do are
 splash, splash, splash
squish, squish, squish!
He loves watching his big sisters and I can't wait to see how that will encourage him and his art.

Dilly-Dali Art would not exist without my kids

On this blog you can expect to see:
*art for kids, by kids ~ I may partake a bit but mostly I just take the pictures
*a lot of messy art play ~ messes are just a part of our daily life
*artist and elements "lessons" for homeschoolers ~ as a homeschooling family we try to incorporate art lessons into our curriculum
*art play in a group setting ~ a lot of moms want to do more art with their kids and I think it's more fun to  do it in a group

On this blog you should not expect to see:
*regularly scheduled posts ~ my busy family comes first and the blog comes second, I will not commit to a regular schedule I cannot keep 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me
[email protected]