Easter Grass Pom Poms

Easter Grass Pom Pom Alien!

Every Easter we end up with the basket grass everywhere
I despise it!
This year I decided to do something with it
(I'm still finding maverick strands every once and awhile all over the carpet) 
This could be my stock Easter photo, this happens EVERY YEAR!
I knew that I wanted something puffy that hangs because I love hanging things from the ceiling
so I brought out some pieces of yarn and ribbon and decided to try making a pom pom

I just added all the yarn and ribbon I wanted into a big rounded pile 
then I used a pipe cleaner tied around the middle to keep it all together
the grass is so fluffy that you can't even see the pipe cleaner

I tied fishing line to the pipe cleaner
added an eye
 stuck in some feathers 
and now I have a cute little green Easter grass alien hanging in the art studio!
I love him!!!
Wonder what I should name him?
I thought making a little alien would be really exciting to C but it wasn't
since I had some Easter grass left over I decided to make her and A
Easter Grass Pom Pom Wands!
Miss C is big time into princesses right now so I knew she'd love having a wand
A is into whatever C is so I knew she'd love having a wand as well

I just brought two sticks in from the yard
dowel rods would be nice though

To make the pom poms I just used two pipe cleaners crossed around the middle to make sure that I caught all the stray pieces of grass

I slipped the stick in under the pipe cleaners and used another pipe cleaner wrapped around the stick and the ends of the two pom pom pipe cleaners

Then I wrapped ribbon around the ends of the pipe cleaners to cover any sharp ends

Miss C has been having a lot of fun running around
people on the head
and since it's a fluffy pom pom it doesn't hurt!

All the Easter grass is used up!!!

What do you do with your Easter grass?


  1. What a fantastic idea! I despise Easter grass as well and have had it hanging around my house for the past seventeen years. Since I now have a 15 month old rounding out the menagerie of 18, 12, and 9, it looks like I will have it for at least another seventeen. I was just looking at it yesterday and feeling guilty about throwing it out. I am an art teacher after all, I should be able to find a use for it! Thank you for giving me one!
    PS I am adding you to my blogroll over at the Art Fairy.
    PPS You don't necessarily have to go back and get your degree to start a studio. I didn't, but I'd still like to anyway.

  2. Thanks for visiting!!!
    I have been definitely going back and forth on the waiting to get my degree before starting the studio, my Mom says to just jump right in! I have decided to start the journey and whichever happens first, well...happens!
    I just feel like customers will feel more comfortable with classes if I'm actually a real teacher, we shall see!


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