With The Art Group: Shaving Cream Eggs

We used shaving cream and food coloring to make these gorgeous eggs with the art group
(we also made a huge mess!)

Here's how!
I found this idea here at Shannon's Tot School.

I knew that I wanted to use wooden eggs with the art group because I wanted them to be able to keep their creations. I bought all the wooden eggs my local Michael's store had in stock
(I was going to buy them online but shipping would have been outrageous!)

Gather some cake pans, baking sheets, bowls...
(whatever you have in your house that will hold shaving cream)
Fill them with shaving cream!

Drip food coloring all over the top
(I wouldn't use too many colors or you'll get a muddy mess of brown)

Try not to open the food coloring with your mouth either...
it's not pretty!

Swirl your colors together
(I put craft sticks out for swirling but hands are more fun)

Roll your eggs around in the shaving cream

Place them on a cooling rack to dry overnight

Here's what they look like in the morning!

When your done with the eggs you can use the excess for printing on paper 
you can just make a huge mess with it!

I had a bit of difficulty getting the dried shaving cream off the eggs
I had to very gently rub it off with my finger tips and the spots with a lot of coloring/shaving cream I used a wet washcloth and blotted them.
I finished them off with a glossy sealing spray to make sure the color doesn't rub off.

Now I get to enjoy these beautiful eggs for years to come!

Photo courtesy of Danielle Rawls

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  1. What a playful idea. Kids love to get messy with shaving cream.
    I like the subtle marbled effect on your eggs!

  2. Jamie @ hands on : as we growThursday, April 21, 2023

    Those turned out beautifully! We've done one activity with shaving cream and it was SUCH A HIT! This would definitely be another! Thanks for sharing it with me.


  3. Thank you all for the kind words!
    The kids had so much fun!

    I was telling my art group mommy that it was ironic we were getting so messy with shaving cream since I've used shaving cream numerous times to clean up messy tables!

  4. This is a messy project, but your eggs turned out so nice. Thanks for the link!

  5. Art For Little HandsSaturday, April 23, 2023

    These are really beautiful. I must try it next time I do eggs. Probably will be next year, but I now have this post saved in my idea folder!


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