With The Art Group: Tissue Paper Collages

Tonight with the art group we played with homemade play dough and created tissue paper collages 
like these: 
Contact Paper & Tissue Paper Collage
 Contact Paper Suncatcher
Suncatchers with the Toddler Art Group

I made sure I had everything all set out ready for little hands to use
that seems to be the trick with keeping chaos to a minimum
The kids dug right in to the dough
I scented it with vanilla, lemon and almond extracts
and colored it with food coloring
(I'm kicking myself because I can't remember where I found the recipe)
I set out trays with various materials on them for the children to experiment with
Sean really enjoyed the dough
Here's his monster
Photo courtesy of Danielle Rawls
After cleaning up all the play dough I brought out tissue paper to be ripped to shreds
there was paper flying everywhere!
I had stuck some sheets of contact paper to the window and moved some toy boxes into the studio for them to stand on
Out of the 5 kids that were at group only the Madisons were really interested in this activity
C did some but didn't put much thought into it
A did one little tissue square
Sean ran away
Here is Maddy smashing some tissue paper onto the contact paper creating some awesome texture
Photo courtesy of Danielle Rawls
 here is Maddie placing tissue squares onto her contact paper, love her color choices!
When tissue was done being placed, another sheet of contact paper was placed on top
and voila!
instant suncatcher to place in a nice sunny window at home!

The next day when I was in the studio cleaning up
(omg, there was tissue squares everywhere)
C and A felt inclined to try the tissue paper again
this time I just left the contact paper on the table with the rest of the leftover scraps
they each made one
C decided she wanted to add paint to hers
Little A decided she wanted to paint the window
Then Miss C decided she wanted to paint the window too
what an easy way to liven up the view

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