Displaying Artwork

If there were rules for displaying children's artwork I'm sure I would be breaking every single one of them.
I like instant gratification and since I don't keep a stash of mats or frames on hand I'd have to wait until I bought some to display artwork that way.

I'm a stapler

As soon as a piece of work is dry enough it finds a lovely spot on the wall 
the very edges get stapled down
I have plenty of space on my walls and plenty of artwork to display
If I framed the pictures I wouldn't be able to fit as many pieces on my wall
the more the merrier!
Let me make this clear though
 I don't display EVERYTHING they do
I only choose a few out of the bunch
I figure the staple holes are small enough and close enough to the edge that if I ever did buy frames for every piece 
(I'd be broke)
 that the frame and mat would cover up the holes.

Let's take a little tour...

I decided to display the tall paintings in the studio...I had initially wanted to hang them upside down on the ceiling but like that they look like they're dripping down the wall

In the kitchen by where we eat there is plenty of room for more pictures!

A nice wooden (used to be shelf) painting over the doorway from living room to kitchen

One side of the living room

Other side of the living room
saw this idea here at Turning a House into a Home
(I'll hang a frame around this so it doesn't look so off-centered)

Down the hall

Other side of the hall

A wall in my room

The beginning of another wall in my room

A few of our walls are dedicated to photos but I like art everywhere
I'm going to keep displaying until I can't find room

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and if you have your own post please share with us in the comments!


  1. Jamie @ hands on : as we growMonday, May 09, 2023

    I love how you have their art displayed everywhere in your house! Stapling it makes it easy to display and take down - and the arrangements are lovely!

    Thanks for the link, off to check out what everyone else does too!

  2. You have to check out the way this art gallery hung their professional artist pieces. It is so simple and so very cool. I am definitely stealing the idea for my classroom. Clips and push pins. Go take a look... here.http://asplotchmonsteraday.blogspot.com/2011/05/we-are-monsters-opening-night-at.html

  3. Art For Little HandsMonday, May 09, 2023

    So glad you shared this. Embarrisingly I have none of my children's art on display because of the frame issue. I did go to Ikea last week and I bought several frames and a really cool rod with hanging clips so I can just clip art pieces to it without putting them in a frame. I love the way you design your displays. That is another reason I don't have anything on my wall. I don't know how to do it to look professional. I need you to come over and help me!!!

  4. I 'collect' ideas for displaying kids artwork, and have been sharing lots of them on my blog - after all creating, using, displaying, and generally making the most of children's artwork is pretty much what my blog is about. I shall check out the ones you suggested too!


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