Mother's Day Tree Cans

 I didn't get any surprise gifts for Mother's Day from the girls since they are with me 24/7
so I decided to help them make me something.
I like wind chimes and don't nearly have enough of them
but I do have tin cans.

So I poked holes into the tops of the cans
let the girls draw all over them with Sharpies
and thread yarn through the holes
(I tied the knots)
C cut the yarn to the length she wanted

I strung them up to the tree we hang out under
they were just the right height for the girls to be able to reach
Who would've thought that plain tin cans strung up in a tree would be so much fun
and the 'clink' mixed with laughter is music to my ears

I plan on adding to the tree every time we use a can

Simple and fun
I couldn't have asked for anything better


  1. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin TreeMonday, May 09, 2023

    These are Great! Inspiration to create wind chimes and save cans! We will put tis on our list to do!

  2. What a wonderfully musical idea!

  3. Stacy@{share and remember}Monday, May 09, 2023

    This looks like so much fun! Neat!

  4. Yes! I've been saving my tin cans for a few months now, and didn't quite know what I was going to do with them! Thanks for the great idea...and it's so simple!
    What did you use to poke the holes in the top of the cans?

  5. I've always drooled at gloria dump's bottle ghost tree in because of winn dixie. I love this!!!


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