I finally got all my art supplies set up!
I'm ecstatic!
The first thing the girls snatched up was the Play-Doh
All the colors are mixed together,
the girls don't seem to mind,
the mixed Play-Doh looks like art as is
We started by being "chefs"
I was in charge of breakfast
(I'm kind of a pancake master)
Lexi was in charge of lunch, and Char was in charge of dinner
They collaborated on dessert
We counted and stacked some "cookies"
I cut out some shapes for a matching game
since Lexi is working on shapes
She had more fun poking the shapes than she did matching them
I called out the names every time she poked
so hopefully something sunk in
Charlotte hijacked the matching game
Lexi had a lot of fun rolling out the Play-Doh into paper thin sheets
I punched out some Play-Doh to use for stacking
which was short lived because
Lexi kept squishing them all together into a big ball
Charlotte is learning to write her letters
so I rolled out snakes
she went with the extrusion method
we constructed letters
We made sculptures by just pinching a rolled up ball of Play-Doh
of course
we had some time for personal exploration as well

Play-Doh may seem like such a simple thing to play with
but really
the possibilities are endless!


  1. Praises from a Wife and Mommy!Monday, August 15, 2023

    Adorable little girls! I am a new follower! Found you on the Parents website! :)

    Come visit me at

    :) Love getting new ideas from other mommy bloggers. :)

  2. So glad you found us!


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