Belly Prints {and a birthday mess}

My sweet baby turned 2 this week
she loves squishing paint between her fingers and rubbing it all over
normally, I try to limit the amount of painting on the body
the amount of paint they can use
what they can paint on
today I let her use all the paint she wanted
let her paint where ever she wanted

A still has that cute little chubby round baby belly
so we printed with it
Paint the belly
draw a little design on it
stick paper on the cute little belly 
pull off a print!
C wanted to draw her own designs
she drew quite a few smiley faces on her belly
 When the belly printing was done the girls got crazy with body painting
If you asked her
she would tell you
it was the best 2nd birthday ever!


  1. Ren- Lady Of The ArtsTuesday, September 27, 2023

    that is so cute- we did butt prints when my baby was a baby

  2. Brooke @ Let Kids CreateThursday, September 29, 2023

    Wow, I bet that WAS the best birthday ever! Looks like they had a blast, thanks for linking it up to Monday Madness!

  3. @Ren, baby butt prints!? AHHHH! Cute!
    @Brooke, I wish I could get away with having a birthday celebration like her ;)

  4. Brooke @ Let Kids CreateSunday, October 02, 2023

    By the way, I am featuring this post on Monday Madness this week, just can't help but laugh every time I look at it!

  5. Laura @Art For Little HandsSunday, October 02, 2023

    Oh my! That is a great birthday present. I love that you made prints from them. What a memory you created. Thanks for linking up to Monday Madness. Hope to see you again tomorrow.

  6. What a lovely messy birthdayparty! What I loved is that the kids also phsyically got to "explore" eachother.
    Lovely greetings, angelique

  7. Thanks Laura and Angelique!
    Angelique, painting each other was their favorite part :)

  8. Soooo thankful it's not me having to clean those bellies...hehe!! What fun they must have had.


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