Inspired {Helen Frankenthaler}

The girls created beautiful abstract paintings
inspired by
Helen Frankenthaler

This is the first post in a new blog series I am doing called "Inspired"
Every other week I'll post about an artist that we've been inspired by

If you haven't heard of Helen Frankenthaler before, 
you can find several interviews she's done on YouTube
You can also read this biography

Helen used oil paints diluted with turpentine and poured the paints onto raw canvases.
Her work is part of a movement called Color Field

I didn't feel comfortable using turpentine with my girls so we improvised
and I couldn't find an untreated canvas so we used a primed one


Container for holding diluted paint

Painting tools
(we used brushes, scrubbies, sponges, and rags)

How To
 The girls worked together to pour paint onto the canvas, spread it around, wipe it off, pour more on and repeated until they were happy with their pieces

A splattered paint on herself and thought it was hilarious!
Though she slept through most of it,
our new puppy Oreo woke up long enough to watch the girls paint for a bit.
She sure was curious!
The girls really had a great time working on these inspired pieces.
Now, I have a beautiful abstract mountain scene and octopus hanging on my wall 
I couldn't be more proud!
What artists or art movements inspire you?


  1. Wow! What a wonderful way to kick off your series. Their paintings turned out wonderfully! I seriously want to do this with R. And I have to say, your puppy Oreo is quite possibly the most adorable puppy ever. I hadn't heard of Helen Frankenthaler but I'm so glad to know about her and her work now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. liz @keepingwithmyjoneses.blogspot.comThursday, January 05, 2023

    Love the Color Field movement and who doesn't love a female artist! Looks like everyone had fun, great project. Paul Klee is a fun artist to with small children and Pop art.

  3. So inspiring! I am full of ideas about how I will make this work with my daughter. I can't wait to follow the rest of this series.

  4. Wow, Aleacia! What a fantastic post. I'd never heard of Helen Frankenthaler. I really enjoyed the video and fell in LOVE with her art and her style as an artist! Your girls' paintings turned out beautifully. You could hang those in your home. Seriously. And how cute is Oreo??!!

  5. How fun!! Great job.

  6. LOVE this idea of the series .. and love this post. Another must do (and must follow!)

  7. Brooke @ Let Kids CreateFriday, January 06, 2023

    Ooh, I love this. Can't wait to see more in your series. What a great idea. Thanks for linking up to Monday Madness.

  8. rachelle | tinkerlabSaturday, January 07, 2023

    These are gorgeous, Aleacia,and I can see why you're proud to hang them! As for artists who inspire me...there are SO many! I love illustrators like Camille Rose Garcia and The Clayton Brothers, Self-taught craftspeople like Simon Rodia who built Watts Towers, Andy Goldsworthy, Wayne Thiebaud, Christo and Jean-Claude, and on and on...

  9. These are really beautiful! What a great idea!

  10. Debs- Learn with Play @ homeFriday, April 13, 2023

    This looks like so much fun! And your pictures are just delightful. Love the puppy watching. I imagine when I give this a go it'll be my 6 month old watching on the sidelines. I am going to use your post as inspiration for the Red Ted Art artist inspiration journey. Thanks for sure a wonderful post. Debs (Learn with Play @ home)


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