Inspired {Eric Carle}

After seeing this slideshow on how he makes all of his painted papers,
we were inspired by
Eric Carle

We painted paper and then used the paper to create a spring collage

The first thing we had to do was create our painted papers

I was surprised to find out that Carle uses tissue paper, 
I really wanted to try it so,
I got out the tissue paper
 (glitter makes everything better!) 
the tempera paints, and various painting tools
 then, stepped back to let the girls do their thing.
Sponges and roll-on paints

Rollers and crazy shaped paint tools

There were a few rips but mostly the tissue paper held up well.
Then, I read this 
(which better describes how Carle creates his painted tissue papers)
and found out he uses acrylic paints.

With the Inspired series, 
I really want the girls to work in the same method that the artist does
so, the girls created more painted paper with acrylics.
The acrylic went on smoothly and there weren't as many rips in the paper
(I'm thinking because it isn't as wet as tempera)

When both types of paint were dry, 
the tempera was kind of crunchy and the acrylic had a stretchy, rubbery feel.

From what I've read, Eric Carle assembles his collages on illustration board
(which I assume is similar to mat board)
We don't have any of that so I cut out a piece of cardboard,
glued tissue paper onto it and did a paint wash to mask the brown.

Once the cardboard  was dry, I helped the girls cut out shapes
and they pasted them on with watered down glue
(Eric Carle uses wallpaper paste)

You can see how Carle creates his collages in this slideshow

When the pieces were dry the final step was to add the details
Miss C used colored pencils to add the finishing touches

It was neat to see the collage forming before our eyes.
From the paper painting, to the shape cutting and pasting, and then adding the final details.

I think it's really awesome that Eric Carle is so willing to share his process for everyone on his website, 
and I really love that he said this
In fact, some children have said to me, “Oh, I can do that.” I consider that the highest compliment.
Thank you Eric Carle for being such an inspiring artist!

Have you done any illustrator inspired art?
Who is your favorite book illustrator? 


  1. Glitter makes everything better in our house too. I love your collage and all the different techniques involved.

  2. These are so pretty! I love Eric Carle's illustrations!

  3. We're going to have to do something similar with the mountain of painted papers we're accumulating! Off to explore some of the links you've shared now....

  4. Your girls are so creative! And Mama too. Good tip to know that acrylics work better than the tempera.

    I love how this turned out!

  5. lots of great textures in this! we love eric carle too! we made our own paper when we did our hungry caterpillar. my other favorite illustrator is leo lionni! *pinning and sharing*

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