Elements Of Art Poster

Since I'm getting ready to teach the girls about the elements of art,
I thought we should make a poster as a quick introduction
and also
to have as a reference for later.
You can make one for your home, too!

We started with a piece of poster board
titled it and made 6 spaces for the elements
Before we started I explained that the elements of art are the building blocks of art,
every piece of art has at least one or two elements

I started with color,
telling the girls that light contains all of the colors
the colors that we see is light bouncing off an object
all the other colors are absorbed.
White is all the colors being reflected,
black is all the colors being absorbed

Next we talked about shape
starting with the basics
square, circle, triangle, etc
then we had fun making up our own shapes!

Texture was a fun element to discuss,
I sent Miss C on a texture hunt and she came back with some great choices
She also demonstrated the appearance of texture with paint

Value was Miss C's favorite element to depict.
Her favorite thing to do is paint and she really was surprised to see the final result of adding white to purple after each stroke she painted

I described line by holding a marker to the poster board until it made a small point and then moving it forward
Line can also be described as the path between two points.

Form (in my opinion) is the hardest to show on paper.
Form is a 3d figure,
it has height, width, and depth. 
Shape only has height and width.
Sculptures are a great example of form
but you can create the illusion of form with shading and perspective

Here is our completed poster!

If you make one for your home remember to have fun with it
get creative with finding textures
get silly with drawing lines
and make unique shapes and name them!

Art is fun!!



  1. I LOVE this poster idea! I am for sure going to do this with my kids!

  2. this poster came in very useful whilst doing my GCSE art exam

    thanks alot

  3. cooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllll

  4. ....where is space at?

    1. You're right! I spaced out and left out Space!


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