Pour Painted Christmas Tree

These Christmas tree decorations are very simple to make!

All you need are 3 terracotta pots that stack on top of each other
and a saucer that fits on the bottom.

You can use whatever size pots you want.
I chose small pots since these are for indoors
Maybe next year we'll make larger trees for outside
I believe my pots are 2", 3", 4" and the saucer is 4"

Stack the pots
don't forget to glue them together!
(I used model cement)
Wait for your glue to set and then start pour painting!

Just squeeze your paint on top of the pots and let it drip down the sides
With pour painting less is more!
You really don't need a ton of paint
Gravity will keep pulling the paint down until it is dry.

Check out 
 for more in depth pour painting instructions.

I set out several shades of green acrylic paint for this project.
Once the trees were dry,
 they were painted with mod podge to give them a glossy sheen.
When the mod podge was dry,
 I set out glitter glue, ribbons, pom poms, buttons, and beads
The girls stuck all the buttons, beads, and pom poms onto their trees with the glitter glue.

Here are the finished trees!
The girls love their beautiful works of art!



  1. Those are absolutely adorable! They did a really great job :) And wow! That is a seriously creative idea! Love it!

    1. Thanks Joyce! One of the trees went to Grandma for Christmas and she absolutely loved it! :)

  2. Paintings for SaleFriday, January 18, 2023

    Its really your Art to good Your collect all buttons great job :)

  3. These are brilliant, I know what our 'Christmas tradition craft & present' next year is going to be! Lovely.


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