Picture Book Art: Blue Goose

Blue Goose
Nancy Tafuri

Blue Goose is a color mixing story about a red hen, blue goose, yellow chick, and white duck that all work together to paint their farm while the farmer is away.

After reading the story,
the girls drew pictures (I helped) with shapes large enough to paint in
then, I gave them blue, red, yellow, and white paint.

After the animals use primary colors around the farm,
they work together to mix their paint colors to paint things like
the grass and sky

Mixing up their paint is what the girls liked best!
They even mixed the mixed up paint
making purpley-pinks and brownish-greens

At the end of the story,
Blue Goose makes it night by painting everything blue.

It was really neat seeing how the colors changed just by painting blue over them.

The blue paint really made it seem like twilight, especially when the sun was painted white to look like the moon.

If you're looking for a books about color mixing,
definitely add Blue Goose to your list!
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  1. The blue-wash came out pretty! Your kids are awesomely lucky to have such a creative and skilled mom to guide them through artistic exploration!

  2. Jennifer FischerSunday, October 06, 2023

    This book looks fabulous and I love your activities. I pinned to my library list board so that I remember to check this book out soon!

  3. Sarah @ Stay At Home EducatorWednesday, January 08, 2023

    I just discovered your blog! Have to make breakfast for the kiddies, but I'm looking forward to nap time when I can take a look around! http://stayathomeeducator.com/

  4. I like this book and the activity you had alongside the reading, so much fun. The blue paint is a nice touch too!

  5. My daughter would love this book! Hopping over to Amazon now! We have ducks and chickens :)


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