With The Art Group: Painting

Today I had the studio set up to do splat painting
like the splat painting done at Littlest Birds Studio.
Just water down some paint (I used tempera) give the kids cotton balls and tell them to aim at the paper!

Turns out I don't have a toddler art group that's interested in throwing much,
Sean and Charlotte threw a few cotton balls...

and Camryn held her arm back like she was going to throw the cotton ball only to just stick it on the paper.
 It was so cute how excited she was about it.

Maddy and Alexis stuck to using the cotton balls like paint brushes

then the other kids followed suit.

I decided to just get out the paint brushes since they were having such a good time painting. 
Camryn had paint in her hair and even on her ear lobe!

Lexi was painting with a brush in each hand.

Maddy decided to work only with yellow, even though there were other colors within her reach.

The kids left a paint drip trail leading from the paint to the paper,
it was quite amusing watching the kids at the paper move to the paint then back to the paper again
This required hand scrubbing...I have huge biceps now

The beautiful masterpieces

 Hopefully I'll get to do splat painting again this summer with an older group because it really looks like a lot of fun!


  1. Thanks for linking to Littlest Birds Studio! I had the same results with the young toddlers as you. The kids who really loved it were 3 and 4 yrs. It looks like you've got a great thing going here!

  2. You need to look up tall painting too. Teacher Tom did a great version with preschoolers, not sure how it would go with toddlers, but if anyone could work it out, I bet you could! So much fun, wish I lived nearby so my toddler could come.

  3. Aleacia @ Dilly-Dali ArtWednesday, May 04, 2023

    You're welcome Megan! I love your studio! I was quite surprised the toddlers didn't want to throw the cotton balls since they seem to have no problem throwing everything else, lol!

    Julie, I've seen those awesome tall paintings Teacher Tom did, I really love them but not quite sure I have kids old enough for them.

  4. This looks like so much fun! (and mess!)

    Thanks for dropping in at MPP and leaving a comment.

  5. WOW Thanks... This looks like so much fun!


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