CD Fish

We've been learning about the Great Barrier Reef so I wanted to do an activity to go along with it.
We had originally created some different types of coral out of air dry clay
but the clay crumbled as soon as it was dry
I saw this cute fish craft on 
decided to give it a try

I've been stocking up on CDs for a while now so we could make plenty of fish
I keep jars of little doodads such as
buttons, sequins, beads, glass stones, dried beans
so I set everything out in front of Miss C and let her go to town.
She basically did this whole activity by herself
since I let her use the glue gun 
She did burn herself and pouted a bit
but realized 
that she wasn't paying close enough attention to what she was doing
and after a little cry
picked up the glue gun and started up again
We were having so much fun creating our fish 
Daddy joined in
made a ray-type fish
Our colorful reef fish swimming around in the girls room
This is a quick and simple craft that can be as unique as the creator wants them to be.
I guarantee that no two will look alike!
unless you want them to 
of course


  1. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin TreeThursday, September 29, 2023

    These are awesome! I love sparkly projects and this makes it x-tra sparkly! There are so many great things to do with CDs!
    Check out the ideas below this post too!

  2. Thanks Melissa! and thanks for the link, can't wait to check it out! :)


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