Spin Art Turkeys

We've had Thanksgiving on the mind lately
I really love turkey crafts.
we made some cute turkey table toppers out of 
toilet paper rolls and paper plates
They're really simple to make and they're two-sided!

Here's how we did it
We used a salad spinner for the tails
Cut paper plates to fit inside your salad spinner
add paint
Here is the spin art the girls made!
Spin art is so fun to do
so much fun in fact that the girls didn't let me do any
Look what A was up to while C was spinning
Placing a paint bottle on each paper plate
it was pretty cute
While your spin art is drying
paint some toilet paper tubes
I was looking for red ribbon
(I thought I had)
for the turkey wattle
but ended up using apple stems that we painted red
they're the perfect shape!
Cut slits in the sides of your toilet paper tubes
(one on each side)
Fold your spin art in half
(paint side out)
Fit your spin art into the slits
a turkey tail
Add some eyes
a beak
(we used orange foam)
and glue on your wattle
to each side of your toilet paper tube
We only used 6 toilet paper tubes to make 12 turkeys!
Now people on both sides of the table will have a unique turkey to look at
while gobbling up their food
Aren't they cute!?

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  1. Jamie @ hands on : as we growMonday, November 07, 2022

    ha! Those apple stems ARE perfect! What a great holiday craft!

  2. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin TreeMonday, November 07, 2022

    Great idea! I could see using the whole circle too and fringing out the feathers so they pop out more!

  3. Jenny @ Adventures of the Smith FamilyMonday, November 07, 2022

    LOVE these! My kiddos love spin art, so I think we will definitely be making some of these!

  4. very cute

  5. Becky @ UCreate with KidsTuesday, November 08, 2022

    This is a wonderful craft. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

    I hope you don't mind that I featured it today at Ucreate with Kids.

  6. The turkey ended up with such beautiful tails.

  7. What kind of paint did you use? Great idea!!

    1. Tempera paint

  8. This looks like a ton of fun! I giggled at the genius of using the apple stems!

  9. I wanted to stop by to tell you that I've given you The Versatile Blogger Award. If you'd like you can find it here:

    I'm so glad I've "met" you and I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas!

  10. These are so cute, Aleacia! It reminded me that I need to break out the salad spinner so we can make some fun paintings too. I've featured it tonight in my latest Five Fun Ideas... post.


  11. This is such a creative craft! I just wanted to let you know that I have a kids activities blog (Simply Creative Kids) where you can share your projects and I am linking to this post if you don't mind. You are welcome to share your projects at my site if you'd like. Alyssa


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