Melted Crayon Drawing On A Griddle

 During the weekend,
the girls and I sat down and unwrapped all of our broken crayons
(which is all of our crayons)
It took an hour or two and we managed to get a few learning opportunities out of it
color matching
team work
fine motor skill practice
Once we had our crayons ready to go,
I set up a griddle covered in foil on the table
turned it on the lowest setting
and set a sheet of paper on top
 We've played around with
but never on a griddle
C was a little confused on what she was supposed to do
the griddle usually only comes out for Pancake Sunday

I put a crayon in her hand and watched the magic happen
drawing straight lines, squiggly lines
swirly puddles of melted crayons
She would use up one sheet and grab another and start all over again
At one point,
she drew on the paper with pencil first
Then used crayons to trace over her pencil lines
Daddy even joined in on the fun
We have a set of soy crayon rocks that she placed around her paper to let them warm up
The soy crayons were nice, they ran smoothly over the paper
the wax was almost transparent
like stained glass paint
I handed her a black crayon
and I think the contrast was a shock to her
but she liked it and did the same thing a few times in a row-
making big bold black lines on a beautifully colored background
When C was done drawing with the crayons she ran off to play and  I let A move in
It worked out better that way so I didn't have two girls fighting to use the griddle
and end up with someone getting hurt

By the time A got to use the griddle all the paper was gone
so she drew on the tin foil
She spent most of her time using all the different colors
and scribbling with them
She really focused on layering the colors
A had her fun exploring with the melted crayons for about 15 minutes
and that was enough to satisfy her
then, Mommy got to squeeze in a little drawing of her own 


  1. Melted crayon has always been a favorite of mine, since the 70s when I taught kindergarten. Can you believe I'm that old? It's true!! One thing kids get an extra kick out of doing this project is to let them wear work gloves or mittens, or another idea, they can hold a kitchen hotpad with their non-drawing hand to hold the paper still. Makes it kind of exciting!!

  2. I did this back in the fall with my youngest and he had so much fun...and his pictures were really pretty too! I love the look of the crayon on the foil!

  3. That is so vibrant and gorgeous!!!! Your ideas are always way out of the box! It is good to see that working with heat can be done with good supervision...a great idea to space out the artists for safety, too!

  4. We had a lot of fun with this last night. Thanks for the post!

  5. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin TreeTuesday, February 21, 2023

    Gorgeous! I love melted crayon art and had an obsession with is for a while (we bought all these warming trays!) We made our Wedding Invitations with melted crayon art! (we only needed 20)

    Love it on foil! C did some on wax paper for sun catchers at school and we may do more of those.

  6. oooh the drawing on the foil looks awesome! We'll have to try that next time!


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