Color Mixing Flowers

I love Deep Space Sparkle's 
Colorwheel Flowers Art Lesson 
so much that I adapted it into a color mixing project for my girls

Here's how we did it

First we painted red, blue, and yellow stripes,
make sure the stripes are wide enough to cut petals out of.

While you're painting you can discuss how red, blue, and yellow are 
primary colors
they cannot be made by mixing any other colors.

Set your stripes aside to dry and grab a clean sheet of paper
To make the centers of your flowers 
mix the primary colors together

Yellow + Red = Orange
Red + Blue = Purple
Yellow + Blue = Green

Don't forget to mention that orange, purple, and green are 
secondary colors

Leave enough room between the centers to add petals

Little A didn't quite follow the instructions 
she kept saying
"I did it! I did it!"
after making green 
so I let her do her own thing

Once your primary color stripes are dry, 
cut them out
then cut petals out of them.

Glue your petals around the flower centers
For our project we glued the two primary colors that mix together to make the secondary colored center

After the petals are glued on add stems, leaves, etc.
Miss C added a cute little bumblebee to her garden

A garden of color mixed flowers
A quick visual for your child to see which primary colors mix to make a secondary color

Here are my flowers

Miss C's flowers

Little A's independent art project


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  1. That's a inspiring activity. My little one loves to make a color wheel. This will be fab activity to take the ahead.


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