Making Window Stickers With ALEX Toys

*** I received the Window Sticker Art Kits from ALEX Toys for the purpose of this review. ***
***All opinions expressed are my own. I did not receive any compensation for this post.***

The girls and I were thrilled to be able to review some products for ALEX Toys. 
If you've been following the blog for a while you know how much we love window art,
so we jumped on the chance to give their Window Sticker Art Kits a try.
ALEX generously sent us 
the Glam kit AND the Zoom kit.

Little A was so excited to make window stickers!

Here's what I love about these kits,
they come with everything you need!

I just had a baby
and as much as I love setting up art projects for the girls to do,
 sometimes I need something quick to grab off the art shelf that they can set up themselves with minimal help.

Both kits come with:
preprinted artwork, 5 different colored glues, outline glue, a plastic worksheet, and instructions

According to the box, these kits are recommended for ages 6+ 
Miss C is 5.5 and Little A is 3.5

Even though C's lines were shaky she was proud of her creations and was not once upset that her lines were not straight.

 Finding the right amount of pressure to use for squeezing out the colored glue took a few tries.
We found that squeezing and swirling at the same time helped to fill in the outlines and spread the colored glue without using too much.

Little A was not able to trace the outlines herself
The black outline glue was too thick for her to squeeze out.
She did enjoy filling in the outlines with the colored glue.

The girls couldn't wait to stick their stickers to the window

 Once they were up 
Miss C exclaimed, "They're suncatchers!"

We love that this is window art we can take down and move around
They stick to windows, mirrors, fridges, etc.
They are really sticky
(without being a sticky mess!) 

As soon as their first stickers were done they sat down to make some more
and we still have glue leftover to make a couple more batches!

 We really enjoyed making these window stickers,
the instructions are simple and fool-proof,
the kit comes with everything you need,
the colors are bright,
the preprinted designs are fun.

The only gripe I heard from the girls was that they wish they dried faster.
The outlines take two hours to dry and the colored glue takes 24 hours
Of course drying time can't be helped and the waiting is well worth the fun to be had!

Thank you to our friends at ALEX Toys!
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