Melted Crayon Pour Painting

Melted crayon art and pour painting are two of the most popular posts on my blog
and I really wanted to try and combine the two.
After experimenting with melted crayons we came up with this:

Melted Crayon Pour Painting!

**This project is not intended for small children!**
**Constant supervision is recommended**
We started by filling paper cups with crayon pieces,
putting the cups in a muffin tin, 
melting the crayons in the oven.
The tops of the paper cups are quite cool almost immediately after they come out of the oven

I set up the griddle by covering it with foil so the wax didn't ruin it.
Turn the griddle to low so that a piece of heavy weight paper set on top will keep warm.
Working pretty quickly,
pour your melted crayons onto the paper.
The griddle will keep the wax on the paper melted but the wax in the cups will eventually harden.
When you're done pouring wax,
turn the griddle off and let the paper cool down so you can move it off the griddle.

In the picture below,
the griddle was bumped before the wax was hardened.
I think it still looks cool!
 Pouring the wax onto the paper was all about the process,
we also wanted to do something that we'd be able to look at every day and enjoy,
so, we tried pouring melted wax onto a candle.

Place a sticker over the wick of your candle,
that way  you won't end up burning crayon wax
(it stinks!)
 Melt your crayons in paper cups
and pour the melted wax directly on top (in the middle) of your candle.
 The hot crayon wax melted little channels into the candle,
and the longer we poured the quicker the crayon wax was cooling,
building up layers along the side of the candle.
 Pull the sticker off and enjoy burning your new candle!
 The best part about pour painting with melted crayons is that you can use the part that runs off the candle and puddles up around the bottom,
just let it cool and break it into pieces!
 This is a fun activity to do with your kids that are older.
The candles would make nice gifts
and you could use any color scheme or type of crayon you'd like,
try metallic or glitter crayons!
I like to use Crayola brand crayons because I believe those melt the best.

Happy melted crayon pour painting!
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  1. amazing creative technique :)


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