It's Never Too Early To Introduce Art

I introduced art to A much earlier than I did with C
about 6 months earlier...

I'm not sure why I hesitated with C...

Maybe I didn't want a huge mess...
"messes clean up" is my new outlook.
 Maybe I didn't think she'd be interested...
"just try again later" is what I tell myself everyday.
 Maybe I expected too much from her...
 a learning experience is my new expectation. 
There are no fails.
 Maybe I was afraid she'd eat the materials...
 of course she will! 
She's exploring new things!
Just buy nontoxic or make your own materials
From my experience, once the tasting happens that's it, tasting is out of the way
they eventually grow out of it
except for crayons
I must buy super delicious ones.
So give art a try with your little one
don't worry about the mess
try later if they're not interested
don't expect masterpieces
know that they'll put whatever you give them in their mouth
and most of all
relax and have fun with your child!


  1. Laura Major (Learning Is Child's Play)Tuesday, April 12, 2023

    Oh My Goodness! What a cutie!! I started doing art activities with my kids pretty early, but not this early! Way to Go Mom!!
    I shared your post with my fb peeps, they are going to be swooned too! Here is the link:
    I hope it helps to get your more followers too!
    I'm one now! :)

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words!
    I'm glad you found me and thanks for sharing my page :)

  3. Anna @ The Imagination TreeTuesday, April 12, 2023

    I love this and I totally agree with your outlook! As you probably know, I do like a good mess :-) I'm relaxing more and more each month and really feel that a child covered in paint and mud is a child being allowed to fully enjoy their childhood!

  4. Katherine CollmerMonday, May 06, 2023

    Way back when my children were small (about 39 years ago:), I was afraid of mess. I was brought up to avoid it and unfortunately I heeded that rule when my children were growing up. But I commend you and The Imaginaion Tree for being into it! Art is messy for little ones; but it is the precurser for efficient handwriting skills. Needless to say, I an now into it! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures and the handy reminders!


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