Shaving Cream Cupcakes

My baby just recently turned 3!
She's my little mess maker 
so last year I planned a messy art activity for her birthday
Little A had so much fun getting messy last year I decided to plan another messy art activity for her this year

This is a pretty simple activity but it kept the girls involved for a couple hours

All I did was set out shaving cream, bowls, food coloring, piping bags, piping tips, glitter, buttons, beads, shells, pasta, candles, silicon cupcake liners, and a cake pan.

If you don't have piping bags or tips a plain sandwich bag will work just as well, 
just cut the corner off one side

Once the girls were done decorating one batch,
 I rinsed the cupcake liners and cake pan and they started all over again.
They made 4 different batches of cupcakes

Enjoy the pictures of all the fun the girls had!!

Happy Birthday, Little A!!!!

Before you go,
check out how
Experimenting Mom
Shaving cream cup cakes
with her little one


  1. Your daughter is SO lucky to have you as her mommy. What a totally magical day!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

    1. Thank you, Barbara! I feel pretty lucky to have her as a daughter :)

  2. Rashmie @ Mommy LabsMonday, September 24, 2023

    This looks soooooo much fun! The pictures are fabulous! Just couple of days back, I bought a big bottle of shaving cream for my daughter to play with. She and her friends love such messy play. Can't wait for them to have a blast piping it out and making cup cakes!

    1. It was fun Rashmie!
      I hope your daughter and her friends have fun :)

  3. This is so much fun. Thanks for sharing a link to my post. I loved that your cupcakes were piped. Fabulous innovation. my daughter loves making cupcake. We made some with cloud dough today. enjoyed the fab pics too!

    1. You're welcome Mansi, I loved your shaving cream cupcakes! Simple but beautiful and fun!

  4. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad I found you. Thanks for the insight on this! Looking forward to seeing more of your articles on your site. And I also like your daughter, she is beautiful.

  5. This looks like awesome fun. My girls would love to give this a go.

  6. Love the colors you used! The first time we worked with the shaving cream art n food coloring, we actually made CHRISTMAS inspired cupcakes! SOO cool to find another blogger with same
    Thanks for sharing

    1. I love the idea of making them holiday themed!


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