How to Write Method Section of Research Paper in APA Style

“What is the method section of a research paper?” The method section is a crucial component of any research paper in APA style. It offers a platform to analyze how the research was conducted, what procedures were used, and how the results were examined. This article will give you a breakdown of how to write a method section APA style.

How to write method section of research paper

The following are steps to use when writing an APA method section.

  1. Define the respondents in terms of sample size, gender, and ethnicity

In every sample APA method section, you will be required to present the respondents in terms of sample size, gender, and ethnicity.

For instance: The respondents were chosen from a large pool of undergraduates at a university in Accra City Ghana. The testing materials used were online surveys that asked questions about the relationship between childhood trauma and other aspects of life experience (e.g., mental health). Data was collected using an online survey tool called Qualtrics which allows users to customize their questions based on their own research design needs. It also allows for easy data entry so that any inconsistencies can be corrected before finalizing your manuscript or presentation slides.

  1. Describe the testing materials used

In this section, you will describe the names of the testing materials, brands, and types of each item. For instance: “a test tube” or “a paperclip.”

How much did each item cost? Were there any special features that made it more expensive than other items (like a top-of-the-line model)? If so, describe it and why that was important for your experiment.

  1. Describe the data collection process

In a typical sample method section in APA, the data collection processes should be explained in detail. The researcher should explain the type of data collection tools used, such as interviews and questionnaires, as well as any additional steps taken to ensure accurate responses by respondents.

The researcher must also state how long it took for each respondent to complete the questionnaire or interview session, along with the number of times they were contacted during this process.

  1. Present a summary of the statistical procedures that were used to analyze the data

The research paper should present a summary of the statistical procedures that were used to analyze this data. This section will provide a brief explanation of the statistical procedure and its limitations, as well as a list of sources used for each step in your analysis.

Method section APA format

The writing outline for this type of format includes:

  • Respondents: subject features, sampling processes, sample size, ethnicity, and gender.
  • Materials: initial and final measures, quality of measurements.
  • Procedure: data collection processes, study design (e.g., experimental, correlational, or descriptive), data analysis and distinctiveness (e.g., outlier removal), data analysis strategy (e.g., comparison or regression tests).


Your APA style methods section is a very important section of your paper and should be completed with care. It should be concise, clear, and organized according to a logical sequence. You will need to write about: your research question or hypothesis, the methods used to answer it (including how you came up with your method), and the steps taken to gather data for your study.  How many times did this happen? And how long did each time take?

It is necessary to remember that your methods section is where you report details of the processes involved in your research and study. Always use subheadings or subsections to organize and outline your participants, materials, and procedures used for research.

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