Art Research Paper: 30 Great Topic Ideas to Write About

A research paper on art is a type of academic assignment that involves the investigation of artworks and their creators, as well as the historical context in which they were created. In this article, you will learn how to write an art research paper so that you can master the process of researching your topic and developing a coherent body of information. You will also be provided with 30 art research paper topics.

What is Art research?

An art research paper is a paper that is written on a specific topic of art history. It could be about an artist, a style or movement within the field of contemporary art, or even an entire era.

Tips for writing an Art research paper

Writing an art research paper is no small feat. This is because it involves more than just reading and writing. It also requires extensive research, which takes time and effort to complete. As such, students who are not comfortable with writing will find it difficult to successfully follow the art history research paper format.

Below are tips you should consider when writing this type of paper:

  1. Select a topic that interests you

Choose a topic that you are knowledgeable about, and that is relevant to your field of study. In addition to this, also pick a broad area of art history or critical theory so that it allows for multiple perspectives and interpretations.

  1. Make preliminary research

Before you begin the actual research, you should do preliminary research on your topic. This will help you find out more about it, and it might also inspire ideas for your paper.

  1. Pose a question

Make sure you have a clear question, and that it is specific. The best way to do this is by thinking about what you are looking for in your paper and trying to come up with an answer that addresses all of those things. Be sure that your answer(s) are answerable with evidence provided by sources outside of yourself (i.e., other people). This will help strengthen credibility when presenting them.

  1. Write a thesis statement

A good art research paper outline has a thesis statement, which is the main idea of your paper. It should be clear and concise. The more specific you can make, the better.

  1. Organize your paper

Transition sentences are a great way to help readers follow your train of thought. They can be used to connect ideas within a paragraph and/or between paragraphs.

When you write transition sentences, make sure they are clear, concise, and easy to understand. You begin by explaining what you mean in the first sentence and then connecting that idea with another one in the second sentence.

  1. Write your conclusion

In an art research paper example, the concluding paragraph is the last part of your paper. It summarises the main points and restates your thesis statement. In this paragraph, you should:

  • Summarise all of the information that you have presented in your body.
  • Restate your thesis statement.
  • Clarify any ambiguous wording.

Art Museum research paper

Art history is the study of the history of visual arts in their historical development and stylistic contexts, genre, design, format, and style. It covers periods from ancient times to the present day.

Furthermore, it also highlights the origins of art museums, as well as their significance.

Art History research paper topics

  1. Early Renaissance
  2. Rococo Art
  3. Middle Ages
  4. Baroque Art
  5. Gothic art
  6. Byzantine art
  7. The impact of the masters on the world culture
  8. Impressionism
  9. Cubism
  10. The impact of photography and film on painting in the 20th century and beyond.

Contemporary Art research paper topics

  1. Expressionism in Germany, Austria, and France from 1910 to 1930 (or 1900-1939)
  2. Power of Internet and Art in the 21st Century
  3. Contemporary art and its meaning for modern society. Is it evolving? How does it influence our lives? How is it different from other forms of modern art? How does it affect our perception of reality?
  4. Postmodernism
  5. History of the art nouveau movement
  6. History of the pop art movement
  7. Graffiti as a contemporary art form
  8. Difference between classical arts and contemporary arts
  9. Modernism and its impact on visual arts in the 20th century
  10. History of the impressionist movement in art

Interesting Art research topics

  1. Conceptual art and its significance
  2. Minimalism and its impact on contemporary visual arts
  3. Street art and its impact on public space
  4. Abstract expressionism in the 20th century's visual arts
  5. Differences between folk arts, fine arts, and applied arts in a contemporary context
  6. Neoclassicism and how it influenced different forms of arts (music, architecture, painting) during the 18th century.
  7. How did the renaissance influence painters to create works that were admired? What was the message they wanted to convey?
  8. Art criticism in contextualizing a particular art piece in a specific era. (for example, if you have to write about modern times)
  9. Expressionist movement in painting
  10. Characteristics of Chinese Art in Feudalism


Writing an art research paper is different from writing other research papers in that it requires additional effort and input on the student's part. The purpose of this type of assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to examine the relationship between artistic expression and cultural history.

6 Melted Crayon Projects

I get giddy during back to school season because I can buy boxes of crayons for 25 cents each.
I have to admit,
we never use our crayons to color.

I bring them home, unwrap them, and break them into tiny pieces,
the perfect size for melting!

Here are six different ways we've made art by melting crayons

This is a fun project because you can make whatever shape you'd like,
crayon shavings, wax paper, and an iron is all you need!

Hot glue your favorite colored crayons to the top of a foamcore board or canvas
and watch them melt with the help of a hair blow dryer.

Cover your griddle with tin foil and set it to low,
hand your child a crayon and let the magic happen!

Instead of dipping the your paintbrush into paint,
try dipping it into melted crayons instead!
Or save your brushes and use cotton swabs/balls...

Just like sticking your fingers into candle wax,
KNOW you've done that!
Stick your fingers into the melted crayon, let it harden onto your fingertips and paint away

Ever try pour painting?
This is exactly the same except instead of paint you use melted crayons!

Want to see how else we've melted crayons?
Check out this rainbow we made
after trying melted crayon art 

how are you melting crayons in your house?
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  Dilly-Dali Art Dilly-Dali Art Dilly-Dali Art
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