New Posts Coming Soon

I haven't blogged since the end of April.

First, we moved
and then 
summer came.
I was having so much fun I wasn't sure I even wanted to blog anymore.

I'm here to tell you that new posts will be coming soon!

My family is starting a new journey together
Miss C will be (officially) homeschooled this year,
she will be a kindergartener!

I was disappointed after searching for art curriculum for homeschoolers,
many of the programs I found made teaching art seem hard, 
not to mention boring.
 I decided to share what we're learning on this blog.

We will be working on
 the elements of art, 
art inspired by artists,
art inspired by books,
plenty of artistic techniques.

I am excited to share new posts with you,
look for them starting in September!

In the meantime,
 here are a couple of my favorite pictures from this summer