Color Mixing

Check out these Color Bath Dropz by Crayola that I found at the store! I only bought a small 6 pack though, not this big 30 drop container. They are little fizzy bath drops in the primary colors, perfect for learning about mixing colors!

 First we added one red, one yellow, and one blue to each glass and then let them sit until they were done fizzing.
 I asked C how many empty glasses she thought we would need to mix and she told me three...I think she was just counting the glasses that were already out but she just happened to be right!

 I asked her what color to pour first and she suggested red and then yellow second, she then stated that she thought that the red would turn yellow when the yellow was poured into the red glass, instead we got orange...sorta...

The red was a bit overbearing to make a distinguishable orange and C thought it was red but I poured some out and added more water and it made it more noticeable when compared to the red. The green was an instantaneous change, C was amazed!

The purple was dark so it also was diluted and then C was able to tell that it was purple.

Here's our rainbow!
 After we made our rainbow we just started mixing colors together with no rhyme or reason, here's what we got (I wish I did this with the rainbow colors before mixing them up)
BTW, I will be buying the bigger container for the art studio, there's lots of fun to be had with these drops!

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  1. Anna @ The Imagination TreeWednesday, May 11, 2023

    Cool! But you HAVE to do them in the bath!! please :-)


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