Art and Play: The Nature Way {Sand}

This week for our series,
Dinosaurs & Octopuses and I 
played and created with 

We colored our own sand and made sand prints!

The first thing we did was collect some sand and color it
We just used was plain old play sand.
To color it, we separated it into bowls
poured water in until it was level with the top of the sand
then stirred in food coloring
(the more color you use the darker the sand will be)
We let the sand sit in the color for about an hour
then dumped it out onto tin foil, spread it out and let the sand dry over night

Once we had dry sand we started our prints
I set out paper, glue in bowls, paint brushes, trays, and the sand

The first thing to do is create a sandy design in the tray
paint a picture with the glue on a piece of paper
Place the paper onto the sand (glue side down),
 run your hand over the back, and pull it up
The neat thing about this technique is you can use the sand over and over again
without having to sprinkling the sand over the glue!
You can tweak the sand design before each print
adding more color or moving around the colors already on the tray
 My girls really loved doing this activity
They loved playing with the sand in their trays and getting their designs just right
they loved painting on the paper with the glue
 they especially loved seeing their pictures come to life after lifting them from the sand
We also tried a different way of making prints,
by drawing in the sand with our fingers and then pulling up a negative print.
You have to press very gently if you try this way though,
the sand will fill in the drawing and you'll have a big blob instead of a picture
 We made so many prints,
it was so much fun!!
 When we were done making our prints we filled a jar up with our extra sand
Two art activities in one!
Don't forget to visit
  Dinosaurs & Octopuses
to see what she and R have been up to with their sand!

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  1. This is so much fun! Love the way u made prints with the sand. We had done sand art on glass using sprinkle method. Still have sand left we will definitely try this one


  2. Anna @ The Imagination TreeFriday, February 17, 2023

    Soooooo pretty! Love them!

  3. Growing a Jeweled RoseSunday, February 19, 2023

    This is great! I am pinnig, and look forward to trying this activity with my girls! Fantastic post!

  4. These are gorgeous! This was such a fantastic and creative idea. We'll definitely be doing this. The whole process looks super fun. I know R would love every bit of it.


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