Watercolor Heart Valentine

Using watercolors and contact paper
The girls and I were able to make this simple Valentine's Day card.
First I cut out 3"x4" rectangles for the cards out of 100lb paper

Then I cut hearts in contact paper and place it on the blank cards
The girls painted their hearts red with watercolors
I then peeled the very bottom of the contact paper up and cut it off
Load the heart up with more paint
 When you flick the bottom of your card the paint will splatter
making a neat design
which (I think) looks like the heart is melting
After the paint dries add your Valentine message
and deliver it to those who make your heart melt!
Which do you like better, 
the message in the heart
on the side?
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  1. The words on the side is my favorite:)

  2. This is great, so creative. Love the process and step-by-step. Thanks for sharing...

  3. Hmmmm... I think I like the message on the inside of the heart better. Lovely idea! Thanks for sharing.


  4. They look great either way, but I think I like the words inside the heart a little more? It's hard to decide! Very creative!


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