How To Make A Mess And Think You're Getting Away With It

So you thought you could trick Momma and get messy when she wasn't planning on letting you
you dragged your little sister into the mix!
Sneaky, sneaky...
Momma knows exactly how you did it!
Oh no! I'm messy! How did that happen?!
First you told Momma you wanted to go outside to dig.
"Okay." she said
You started digging something that looked very similar to a moat...

Then Momma heard,
"Look, a castle!" 
"Yes, with a moat to keep bad guys out."
"NOOOOO, to keep bad guys IN!"

You told Momma you wanted to put rocks on it knowing Momma would bring out something better,
(which she just happened to find at a thrift store)

You lined all the little shells and rocks on the other side of the moat and made a little bridge for them to cross over to the castle.

"Hey, I have a bridge...I need water!"
Momma can't deny that!

Here's where Momma was almost caught off guard,
little sister was the first one with her hands in the water....
ahhhhh, you knew Momma would never suspect the sweet little one

Well since your hands are all mucky already
 start finding all the shells hidden in the mud

"You have to dig to find them all."

Momma caught those little toes sneaking into the moat!
Then into the castle!

Then little sister's toes can't help themselves!

Well, since hands and toes are already dirty you might as well just walk around in it.

Little sister too...

 Splashing and squishing mud between your toes was your plan all along wasn't it
Momma didn't have a clue

Well here's one thing you didn't know.
Everyone gets hosed off before being allowed back inside.

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