Painting A Tree For Fall

This Fall tree hangs in my kitchen all year round.

After Halloween was over this past year (2010) I decided to let the girls smash the Jack-O-Lanterns, they had a ton of fun standing on chairs and dropping pumpkins, stomping on them and even hitting them with hammers. The result was a huge mess and small pieces of pumpkin rind everywhere! I decided to use some of the rinds and make stamps (like potato stamps).  So I carved some various leaf shapes into the rinds and set them out with some fall leaf colored paint hoping to get some nice leaf stamps on the tree trunk I made on the paper...well, what I got was entirely different from what I was expecting but it's one of my favorite pieces of art so far!


A little yoga thrown in...

Here's my favorite part about the tree...all the hidden little hand and footprints, they'll be small forever, even when my girls are grown and gone I'll have their little hands and feet and the memory of when they made this tree together.

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