Dot Painted Berry Valentine

Here's a card idea that's perfect for that person that is more than just very sweet,
they are,
berry sweet
For these cards we used 3"x4" rectangles cut out of 100lb paper
a heart stencil cut out of an index card
red tempera paint
the bottom of a colored pencil
Dip the bottom of your pencil into the paint
and dot the paint inside the stencil
(remove the stencil before the paint dries)
Once the paint is dry
use a little black paint and the bottom of a paintbrush
and dab on some seeds 

 When the seeds are dry
draw a little green stem on top
Trace around your berry with black pen to help define the shape
and write your berry cute message on the card!
 It's berry simple!
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  1. Kim @ The Educators Spin On ItWednesday, February 08, 2023

    This is so cute! We go strawberry picking all the time with our friends. I think we'll incorperate this as a craft next time. We're always putting "Our Spin On It" and I think my daughter will love to paint colored hearts to our Paper Pag Color Book today. Thanks for inspiring us! Here's what we've started so far http://www.theeducatorsspinonit.blogspot.com/2012/02/bilingual-babies-learning-colors-with.html

  2. You and your girls make it look really simple! And it's berry cute. Hehe. Love, love, love it!


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